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water color by edwina spooner

The Steppenwolf Bar, 1965

Chapter 2

The music—Shostakovich, I think—begins to increase slightly in tempo. Doug stares at the young lady seated a few tables away from us, then steps over to their table and I hear himsay, “You’re really a beautiful lady, and if your friends want to fight me, we’ll have to do that, too.”

Marty strolls over to the table to add his curious input. His wiry thin body, over-sized suit, three-and-a-half-millimeter-thick eyeglasses, and intense, absolutely insane wide-eyed grin manage to give him the appearance of a person who could and would do just about anything unpredictable.

The young lady and her friends all look up toward Doug as she says, “Why don’t you leave us alone?” Doug returns to our elevated booth by the front window. For a long time he stares in her general direction and doesn’t say anything as Marty and George engage in conversation about obscure atomic particles and other topics that make no sense to me at all.

These photos not in the book.

Please credit artwork to Edwina Spooner

Some of my mother's art work reminds
me of the evenings I spend with friends
in the Steppenwolf Bar on San Pablo
Avenue in 1963-67.