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Candlestick Park,
29 August 1966

Chapter 3

Susan Leibovitz smiles at me and says, “Nathan, the Beatles play tonight in San Francisco, Candlestick Park. Want to go?”
“Sure,” I reply. “But I don’t have any money to get in.”
“Doesn’t matter, let’s just drive to the park and see what happens.”

That’s what I always like about my friend Susan. Just go for it. Don’t worry about the details.

So, on this summer day in August, with Susan’s fiancé, Arnold, long gone to Brooklyn in New York state for the summer and Lucy traveling to Hong Kong with her family, Susan and I find ourselves together for an adventure. You could call it a date, I suppose, but it’s not like we are courting one another or anything like that.  We’re just good friends. I like her. She and Arnie have great parties and they frequently invite Lucy and me along with lots of others. Arnie flirts with Lucy and she in turn acts like he and his friends are all beneath her station. 

Of course that may well be the case, but we keep going back to their fun parties and they have dinner with us sometimes. But hey, Arnie and Lucy are both gone and Susan’s sarcastic, bratty younger sister Annie can stay home by herself for all I care. I’ll be over in a couple of hours to pick her up.

These photos not in the book.

Got to admit this young child from 1891
was cute, and so was my friend. Susan
always had a flair for the subtle dramatic
in a way that stlll appeals to me.