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far from woodstock but still have my music

Sweet Home

Chapter 5

This morning, stepping out of my red and blue rented trailer that sits by itself near a boysenberry patch, the granite-like sky with shadows of massive grayness causes me to pause briefly before getting in my Chevy.

Being awakened at 5:10 a.m. can be a painful experience. And yet, getting up early to go off to work often becomes one of the most beautiful experiences in my day.

The surest way to wake up requires letting the alarm ring until it stops. Then I can stretch and attempt to awaken properly without fear of returning to that state that feels most natural when all about me I see only darkness. It only takes a few minutes to get dressed and step outside with lunch pail in hand, ready to drive to the yard and get into the crummy for the long ride to the job site.


1967: The Summer of Love, free concerts in the park, free lots of things. Janis Joplin lives in the Haight-Ashbury and holds court in the local laundromat or wherever. George Harrison of the Beatles shows up one day, plays music on the street then goes on back to England.

Yes, during these past few years so many changes begin to form in the part of California where I attend college. The summer work spent with a logging crew has felt so good and helped me stay grounded. And I know that driving back to the Bay Area or anywhere with my very best friend always turns into an adventure and always feels so wonderful.

These photos not in the book.

My Gibson J-50 that I bought for $65.00
in a little guitar shop just off Telegraph
Avenue in the summer of 1965. All it
needed was a small patch on the back
and it played like a dream. I wonder if
the person who lifted it from my
apartment even kept it.