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Mojave desert with Rocket, 1958

The Cosmic Carrot

Chapter 8

Bruce had started his business with a sandwich cart at the UC Berkeley campus entrance, did well, and then opened his dream restaurant. By the time Terri from the Fulton Street house worked there, they were catering to Grateful Dead parties and miscellaneous other exclusive gigs. Eventually the Cosmic Carrot lost out financially or something else happened, I don’t know for sure. But it closed sometime around 1973 or soon after.

The Cosmic Carrot very likely existed as one of those ephemeral, fleeting Berkeley moments that escaped the mainstream, yet mingled somehow into the alternative-stream, Bay-Area-consciousness, end-of-an-era state of affairs that lived, thrived, blossomed, and followed some cultural metamorphic cycle into another place and time. And who knows, Bruce might now work at Apple Computer, or be involved in some other interesting adventure. 



These photos not in the book.

Mojave desert, 1958, up on Bowman
Road. Some days are meant for kicking
back. When I bought Rocket I asked the
man why that name for the horse. He
said "Ride her for while and you'll have the

Never owned a saddle or bridle and
racing across the open desert with this wonderful creature taught me secrets
about freedom of movement.

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