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Uncle Fredrick Breswster's painting of Mt. Monadnock
Fred's SignatureThese photos not in the book.

My great uncle Frederick Brewster's 1920
unfinished painting of Mount Monadnock
reminds me of why I so appreciate New Hampshire and the New England countryside.

Youngblood Farm

Chapter 9

A 40-head dairy farm, the place had been overrun by hippies until Robert, the owners’ son, took over. He got rid of the freeloaders by waking everyone up every morning at 5 a.m. Those who wanted to work did just that. As for the rest, they all went somewhere else.

“Sure,” says Lee, standing next to his friend, Beth, “the farm can always use some help putting in the summer hay.”

Later, Robert tells me that this land has been in his family since shortly after the revolutionary war. He relates that his ancestors descended from British soldiers who fought my ancestors about 200 years ago and then decided to stay in New England rather than return to their homes in England.

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