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1941 Chevy Coupe DeluxeThese photos not in book.

My 2 Chevy's circa 1959, Ridgecrest, California.

My Chevy

Chapter 13

After 13 years, five girlfriends, a dozen different addresses, one dog, and two cats, I finally sold my Chevy.

It hadn’t been running too well lately, what with the crack in the block five years ago and the general abuse it received. So after travels that started in 1961 in Santa Monica, then to Cheyenne, Hermosa Beach, the Mojave Desert, the Bay Area, the wilds of Sweet Home, Oregon, and back to Berkeley, I tried to make myself believe my car could somehow get restored.

That two-door 1941 Chevy Coupe Deluxe I bought in Santa Monica for $175 would go all day and night at 55 miles an hour, never miss a beat, and, in any town anywhere in North America, parts in a store or wrecking yard would always be available for a few dollars.

Kind of like my Dad’s old Chevy automatic 1950 fastback. Not really the fastest or the slickest car on the road, nor with the best paint job or the best-running engine, but for sure an object that has staying power and always feels so good to look at and to touch.

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