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visiting home in Ridgecrest, Mojave Desert 1972

The Odyssey Bar

Chapter 14

I remember last week taking my friends Lee and Martha on the 75-cent tour of local nightspots. We started first in the alley at the back door of Mandrake’s on University just below San Pablo, watching, listening, and grooving to Terry and Tony carry away the people inside.

Oh yes, Joy of Cooking, singing about white wine in the morning sun and you being gone too long.

Inside, a wild, chaotic, sweaty crowd dances to pulsing rhythmic guitar and electric sounds blending harmoniously into their wonderful sweet vocals.

No need for lead-guitar solos screaming into the senses. Just simple, get-it-on rock and roll with people dancing, yelling, and moving as the primal juices flow into the night. Melodic, basic four-beat measures, percussion, and bass notes move the floorboards in ancient tribal rhythms as these two women from Berkeley make it happen.

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