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Indian Brother Gualala Ranch, Mendocino CountyThese photos not in book.

My Indian brother, Gualala Ranch, California.

Snow in the Berkeley Hills

Chapter 16

Time to leave here approaches. The sense of release feels clear, but some melancholy also colors these feelings. My true love never did acknowledge my existence and it’s clear that my fantasy dream love remains just that and no more.

Yet, so many good music events seem to happen all at once these last few months. Alicia Bonnet appears one afternoon at the Prince Street house in Griffith’s downstairs apartment. Rob, Larry, and Griffith all wanted her, of course. But she’s into massage and healthy living. I soon saw her for what she really was, a double agent for the Salvation Army. On the Avenue one day I see her selling flowers on the street, her smile makes you come back for more.

I remember one afternoon in her apartment on 9th Street near the Longbranch Saloon, she does her jazz composition on piano while I tag along on tenor sax.

Alicia doesn’t really need my instrument backup, and I’m just glad to push the air past the bamboo reed of the instrument as she partakes of her interpretation, elevation, substantiation of those ideal forms to which Plato alludes.

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