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acrylic color portrait by Edwina spoonerThese photos not in book.

Russian Woman (probably my cousin in Belarus) circa 1972.

My mother's early work in acrylic.



Even Hippies go to Work

Chapter 17

Got to leave bells and ankle bracelets home today, Patty. You’ve been broke and in a friend’s one-room back-door cabin too long. Seven-year-old son Patrick needs new clothes and you both need more indoor space.

Our friend with curly, long dark hair, inviting smile, vivacious free-spirit hippie woman with a beautiful child, yet with no home, no worry, no money, we all know it’s time to go to work for a while.

On another day, from her small cottage near the eight-mile mark east of town, we drink imported beer and watch the humpback whales 30 yards offshore. Those massive creatures follow the feed toward Chilkoot Inlet with porpoises, seagulls, and other marine life flowing as a massive colony of creatures through this spectacular part of the western hemisphere located between Skagway and Glacier Bay.

Pure, blue-white glaciated snow on the mountains across the inlet never melts, and in this late-summer 70-degree heat, we laugh, relax, and appreciate in what place we abide. Oh yeah, Patty Fae, you made it through the summer, you now have some money, and yes, it’s true, even hippies go to work.


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