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Haines/Deshu. Home of the Chilkoot and Chilkat Tlingit peopleThese photos not in book.

Haines/Deshu, Alaska, between Skagway and
Glacier Bay where Tony went out on a trap-line.
He never came back

<<Please credit photo to E. Woody Bausch,
Haines, Alaska 99827

Tony Was A Mountain Man

Chapter 19

Joanne Waterman drives along the street in front of Howser’s Market in her big green four-wheel-drive pickup. She stops for a moment and comes upstairs to tell me that the wake for Tony begins tonight at six.

With pencil and paper in this quiet empty office, the words for a song come to me in less than 10 minutes. No interruptions, no movement outside, no sound except the slight hum of Yukon wind flowing slowly from up on the Dalton Trail toward us here in this Tlingit settlement called Deshu, where the ocean water from the Inland Passage meets the spur of the Alcan Highway located between Skagway and Glacier Bay.

For now, I sit alone in an office in this town founded by John Muir and Sheldon Jackson and named after a woman pioneer, this place where my friend Tony set out, never to return, just three weeks ago to work a trap line a little bit south of Rainbow Glacier.

So here I sit and quietly write lyrics in this place where two of our children were born, this place where my Tlingit brother Whoosh da Keen tries to teach me his language and his culture and shows me where to capture the candle fish without upsetting tribal protocols.

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