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 Jacob with Concrete, Grover Beach, California


Chapter 20

Finally, we have to leave Alaska. My wife, Lise, born and raised in Berkeley, misses her family. I miss my family, and with my parents’ 50th anniversary party only a year away, I know I have to be closer to them. Even though our children love this great land, their grandparents have to travel so far to see them. The winters just seem to last forever.


Berkeley seems different now, after only 10 years. After our time in the small towns and the wilds of Alaska with few roads, long summer days, different kinds of struggles, the city no longer carries the same interest. Also, with a family, it’s no longer the right time to just float around as before, from one situation to another.

I don’t even see many street musicians on Telegraph Avenue. Berkeley doesn’t really feel that much like home anymore. Maybe the time away changed my perceptions, changed something. I don’t know.

These photos not in book.

Jacob pouring concrete.

Santa Monica, California 1943
Cocoa Beach, Florida 1945
Portland, Maine, 1946
Winchendon, Massachusetts, 1951
Randsburg, California 1952
Ridgecrest, California 1959
Bakersfield, California 1962
Cheyenne, Wyoming 1963
Berkeley, California 1963
San Francisco, California 1967
Sweet Home, Oregon 1969
Berkeley, California 1975
Ketchikan, Alaska 1975
Haines/Deshu, Alaska 1976
Berkeley, California 1985
Bakersfield, California 1994
Central Coast, California

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